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Honor Your Loved One

Create a Memorial Page

Create a memorial page dedicated to your loved one. Each page tells a story of a special person and provides the opportunity for friends and family to make an online contribution in memory of your loved one and in support our mission. Donation is a rare and precious gift and your efforts will help save lives.

Getting Started

Click the Create a Memorial Page link in the left navigation column to begin building a memorial page in honor of your loved one.

Click the Search for a Memorial Page link in the left navigation column to locate the memorial page of someone you know.

Tell Your Story

After providing information about your loved one's story, you, as the Memorial Organizer, can:

  • Share a story about your loved one and why you are championing this cause.
  • Upload a digital photo.
  • Have the ability to provide the physical street and email addresses of who should be notified when gifts are made in memory of your loved one.
  • Provide a personal contribution as the initial gift to the memorial page.

Invite Your Friends and Family

After creating your page, you can access the Memorial Page Headquarters to personalize your page, send emails to your family and friends to ask them to honor your loved one through visiting their memorial page and making a contribution in support of organ and tissue donation.

Why Support OneLegacy Foundation?

The OneLegacy Foundationís mission is to save and heal lives by inspiring and advancing donation and transplantation of organs and tissues through research, public education, and honoring donors whose legacies live on.

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